Frenchie Davis: The Pictures That Got Her Booted?

Frenchie Davis was taken off of after Fox finding out her affiliation with an online porn site. Have you seen the pictures though? The pictures aren’t anything to complain about or have the contestant get kicked off., who had the images posted, has since shut down.

Tamyra Gray Can’t Sing In The Shower Anymore

February 16, 2003 – While many loved the voice of Tamyra Gray in American Idol, the singer admits to Us Weekly it has worn thin on some of her neighbors, so she’s not doing any singing in the shower anymore. “I have a really loud mouth,” she admits. “The people in my apartment building don’t allow me to anymore.” Gray begins her appearance on four episodes of ‘Boston Public’ on February 24th at 8 PM ET/PT.

Save Frenchie Website Formed To Help Ousted Idol

February 15, 2003 – Following the surprise ouster of ‘American Idol 2’ hopeful Frenchie Davis, a website dedicated to getting her back on the show has been formed. alerts readers, “It is irresponsible to the millions of viewers who have developed a real affection for Frenchie and disrespectful to this talented performer to pull her from the competition on sham moral grounds. Get involved, and get Frenchie back on ‘American Idol.’ Let FremantleMedia (the company that produces ‘American Idol’), Fox, and the companies that sponsor the show know that Frenchie’s expulsion is wrong and that America wants her back.”

Frenchie Davis Breaks Her Silence

February 13, 2003 – An emotional Frenchie Davis explained how she feels about being dismissed from ‘American Idol’ to ‘Entertainment Tonight’. She explained, “Four years ago, I modeled in lingerie on an adult Web site. From what I hear, the Web site is under new ownership and it’s a lot different now than when I worked for it. I would never compromise my integrity to be successful.” Video has since been removed.

Ryan Seacrest Comments On The Firing Of Frenchie

February 13, 2003 – Extra TV has highlights of last night’s American Idol, where contestants Ruben Studdard, who wore the exact same outfit as the previous night, and moved on. They also asked host Ryan Seacrest to show evidence he was bleeding from the mouth after Ruben and his brother sandwiched him. Seacrest commented on the ouster of Frenchie Davis as well, explaining, “I think because it’s a family show, and we don’t know what’s really out there. This is the best thing to do.”

Frenchie Crosses Fox’s Sleaze Threshold

February 13, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “Yesterday, one of the semifinalists on Fox’s ‘American Idol’ was eliminated after the producer discovered she had appeared on a porn website. They got rid of her. Yeah, this officially makes her the first person in the world who is too sleazy to appear on the Fox Network.”

Tuesday’s ‘American Idol’ Highlights & More On Frenchie

February 13, 2003 – Extra TV has highlights to Tuesday night’s ‘American Idol’, including performances from Ruben Studdard and Kimberley Locke’s heated words with Simon Cowell. Both moved on to the finals after Wednesday night’s show. They also touched on Frenchie Davis being eliminated from the competition, and caught up with 3rd place contestant backstage, after the contestants watched a replay of the Tuesday show. Video has since been removed.

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