Friend Tells Lindsay Lohan’s Dad She’s ‘Worse Off Than Ever’

’s father Michael has posted what he calls his final blog at his official web site, insisting that he hasn’t profited off the web site and sharing a message he received from one of the 22-year-old’s friends. Michael writes:

Before I go, however, I must say that I received a text message from a very close and dear friend of Lindsay’s who I trust and admire. The text said, “between you and me you are doing the right thing. From what I hear, from Lindsay’s nearest and dearest friends, Lindsay is worse off than ever since she she has been with Sam. I told Dina that Lindsay needs you back in her life, and I think you know that I was the one who really helped Linds get into rehab.”

Without divulging this person’s identity, let me say that I know this person and I trust him/her very much. As a matter of fact, I spent time with him/her and wish that he/she was still part of Lindsay’s life.

The entire post at has since been removed after Lohan shut down the web site.

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One thought on “Friend Tells Lindsay Lohan’s Dad She’s ‘Worse Off Than Ever’

  1. Rohan Fan says:

    whoever is talking to Lindsay’s dad about her is not her friend…

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