Friends Of Nick Lachey Bite Back At Jessica Simpson

Friends of tell Us Weekly that former wife isn’t as innocent as she seems. “She comes across as such a goody-two-shoes,” a friend of the former couple said. “I’m finding out all these things about her and putting together things she has told me. I’m just now realizing what a good liar she was. That’s how Nick feels too – totally in shock.” Another friend of the star added, “The idea that things unfolded because Jess couldn’t take Nick misbehaving is simply not true.”

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One thought on “Friends Of Nick Lachey Bite Back At Jessica Simpson

  1. galleta says:

    It’s sad they are taking potshots at each other in the press. But, of the two of them I really believe Nick is the more honest one. No one believes Jessica left him cause he was screwing around that’s why her camp is trying their hardest to discredit him.

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