Full Set List To Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour

Madonna 'Remixed And Revisited'

Contributed by StilettoSadist: DrownedMadonna.com has posted an unconfirmed set list to Madonna’s world tour. The show starts off with a medley then goes into two songs from ‘American Life’. There are 9 songs being sung from the ‘American Life’ album some being featured in medleys. The show concludes with two of her biggest hits ‘Like A Prayer’ and ‘Vogue’.

Madonna’s Neighborhood Hotel Dilemma

April 29, 2004 – According to the latest popbitch.com newsletter, Madonna’s beautiful London house suffers from one disadvantage – it’s opposite a small hotel. So when she wants to have guests round for dinner or host a party Madge books up every room in the hotel to ensure no paparazzi or deranged fans can spy on them.

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3 thoughts on “Full Set List To Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour

  1. weebongo says:

    This definitely isn’t a greatest hits tour but will be just as good. Maybe she’ll save her hits tour for when she’s in her late 50’s like Cher. There are a lot more 80’s songs than her last tour but not that many altogether. It would be cool if she sang Skin in its entirety and not just a medley. That was the best song from Ray Of Light.

  2. anti_social66 says:

    this might be fake, I heard she is going to sing her songs from the 80’s and not her recent albums. BUT I know that this might be the tour of the year because it is Madonna and she rocks.

  3. weebongo says:

    Madonna has said many time that she doesn’t care to perform too much of her older stuff. Therefore I’m not surprised the tour consists of mostly newer material. The old stuff she is doing is said to be totally reinvented and musically nothing like the original versions. So we’ll be singing to a heavy metal version of Express Yourself.

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