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A Nick Carter fan meet him thru MTV’S ‘Fanatic’. Her name is Paty, and was really excited to meet him. She was so excited to meet him that she almost begin to cry. She asked the Backstreet Boys star if he would come to Mexico (where she is from) and got him a little cute gift. After the interview he had a show and he said he was going to sing for her. Read on for the full transcript.

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“Handle with care” took the time to type the full transcript of MTV’s Fanatic: Nick Carter. Give her a hand of applaud ’cause she rocks! Here it is:

Nick: The fans I´ve had with the BSB have always been very dedicated. And they´ve been there through thick and thin, through the problems, through the good times, the bad times, and I think thats what makes our fans extremely special.
+Paty enters the hotel room through the balcony DIHTCFY plays, she sees Nick and gets emotional, Nick giggles/laughs…Nick stands up to great Paty+
Nick: Hey Paty
Paty: Hi, im gonna cry
Nick: Dont cry (Hugs Paty), are you alright??
Paty: Fine thanks.
Nick: Are you sure??
Paty: Yeah I think so.
Nick: You sure??
Paty: Yeah
Nick: Im the one thats excited to be with you
Paty: Yeah
Nick: (Grabs her necklace) Thats nice
Paty: Thanks
Nick: So you have some questions for me??
Paty: Yeah
Nick: How old are you??
Paty: Nineteen
Nick: Nineteen?
Paty: Yeah
Nick: Cool
Paty: Im young and pretty
+They both laugh…nick sticks his tongue out+
Paty: I have some questions for you, I was a little nervous, sorry… Is it hard being just Nick Carter after being Nick Carter from the BSB for ten years??
Nick: Well, I think the one thing about being Nick Carter from the group was that I, I mean people didn’t really get to see who I was as an individual so me stepping out and doing what I´ve done is really showing people who I am and alot of people dont know who I am, only like really true fans who have been there through everything know how I am, and I can´t really put on a front too much you know, im normal and the thing is I love music.
Paty: Why do you say its Now or Never??
Nick: Why? Well it was just time you know, I felt like when I got to this point, I was just like you know, I just got off the Black and Blue tour, it was like nine years that I had been with the boys and stuff, I really wanted to just learn new things, and experience new things as an individual, I wanted to just expand my horizons when it comes to music, and just learn new things, be influenced by new things, and let some of those things that had been inside of me out and you know let everybody else see who I am musically , I felt like it was now, now was the time to do it or I was never gonna get there you know, get the urge up to do it.
Paty: Your fans know almost everything about you, there are Nick facts that are on the internet or in magazines everywhere, we know almost everything but whats the one thing you really want us to know.
Nick: Well I want everybody to know, but thats just gonna be with time, that i want a long career when it comes to music, I wanna be around for a while, I wanna grow into an entrepreneur of some sort thats very succesful, musically too. This is just the beginning of that, so, I really want them to just hang out for the long run because its gonna be alot of fun to just see what im gonna show the world, im gonna show them a whole new side of Nick Carter.

Part 2
Paty: Are you planning to go to Mexico??
Nick: Oh yeah I got to, I got to go…I looove Mexico, no I have to go there, its one of my favorite places, and I think mainly because the fans are so cool, honestly they´re the bomb, one of the best, some of the best fans out there…they´re just exciting, they´re kind of like me in a way, when I get up on stage and I perform, I lose my mind, so when they´re in the audience, and they´re losing their minds, then we got this huge mind blowing event (laughs).
Paty: You should go to “Guadalajara” (City in Mexico, where Paty´s from) its great out there.
Nick: She should do like interviews, you guys should hire her, she´s really good at this!!
Paty: Whats the last cd you bought??
Nick: Last cd I bought…Oh yeah I bought a cd called “Audioslave”.
Paty: Is it good??
Nick: Yeah its Chris Cornell the singer of “Sound Garden”, joining “Rage Against the Machine”…the existing members of “Rage Against the Machine”…formed a band called “Audioslave” which I think is really good.
Paty: Whats the last movie you saw??
Nick: The last movie I saw was “The Ring”.
Paty: Me too!!
Nick: Freaked me out!!
Paty: I couldnt sleep that night.
Nick: Oh my God! Now I dont get scared too much man but I think I bit all my nails off and I remember sittin in the theatre and…this movie is trippin…so im sittin there and two people get up and walk out right in front of me , they just walked out, im like OMG this is really scary! But it was a cool movie.
Paty: In your thank yous in your album, you start saying “Sometimes I wonder whatit looks like through someone elses eyes”…Who´s eyes would you like to see through??
Nick: Well I wonder because you livein your own world, and you have your own world and you really sometimes dont realize the benefits that we have. Some of the people out there, and I think that thats why I would like to see what it looks like through someone elses eyes, because then I could really understand how hard some things are even though I haven´t experienced it, I do know and I have seen things, travelling around the world how difficult it is, but thats why I dont take it for granted, I realize that I have been very blessed.
Paty: Your everything I drempt of!!
Nick: Really?
Paty: Yeah
Nick: Thank you…thank you so much.
Paty: Really.
+Nick hugs Paty and gives her a kiss on her forehead+
Paty: Im gonna cry…I brought you a present.
Nick: I love presents…yes! I love presents!!
Paty: I know you collect or you used to collect beany babies
Nick: I still do, I have a big old box.
Paty: I saw this one and I just knew you had to have it because my name is Paty, and in Mexico they call you Paty….Patito which means duck.
Nick: Ok (In Spanish) “Patitos”
Paty: Ok so (Takes a beany baby out of a bag)
Nick: Is that a beany baby?!?
Paty: Yeah
Nick: Oh my gosh!! (Admires it). Everytime I look at this, im gonna think of you.
Paty: Yeah…no it gets better.
Nick: Ok what..
Paty: You can always think about me because your gonna keep my picture (Takes Polaroid camera out of bag and takes pics with Nick) and you can sign one for me, and im gonna sign the other one for you…your biggest fan.
Nick: IM your biggest fan.
Paty: and im your biggest fan…
Nick: See we have an understanding.
Paty: I´ve been waiting for this moment for five years now.
Nick: Really??
Paty: Yeah
Nick: Im so happy to meet you (They hug)… And im gonna try to definitely make it down there (Mexico), I´ll be there… (Talks to camera) I´ll be there soon, so hold on…I´ll be there.
+The interview is over, Nick heads for his concert but before leaving he says+
Nick: Im gonna perform just for her tonight!!
Paty: Just for me (Screams)

+Paty now tells us about her experience:+
Paty: It was the best, he was so nice and he´s gorgeous!!!…Dont you think we make a cute couple?? And he liked the little duck!! Oh and I loved his “You knows” …Hes the best, he gives the best hugs!! And his eyes, I loooved his eyes!! This is something I´ll never forget….Thanks MTV!

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