Fuller: Britney Makes Moms Feel Awesome

Bonnie Fuller, executive vice president and chief editorial director of American Media, Inc., blogged about having a reported liposuction procedure by Dr. John Minoli of the Minoli Plastic Surgery Clinic & Spa in Las Vegas over the weekend. “Once again, Britney has succeeded in a mission that, though unintended, is actually providing great relief to millions and millions of women across North America – and I’m one of those women,” Fuller writes in a posting at the Huffington Post. “It’s not that I and women like me don’t care about the plight of little Sean Preston and Jayden James. We do. Obsessively so. And we’re relieved that the unlikely dad of the year, K-Fed, has primary custody. Nevertheless, every time that our girl Brit cluelessly tries to whitestrip her toddler’s teeth instead of brushing them or runs a red light with the court-appointed monitor and her two sons all strapped in her car, working moms across the continent can set back our own personal guilt-meters about our mothering skills.” Read more.

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