Fun For Girls Can’t Catch At University Of Warwick’s Summer Party

Jess Stickley of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the British pop group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Wednesday (June 30), discussing their Summer Party at University Of Warwick show and going on vacation. Jess writes:

Hey Guys! Hope you’re all having a great last few weeks at school, college, uni! We played at the Warwick Uni summer party yesterday, which was so much fun! They had a mini festival with lots of different music tents, bouncy castles and a foam party! We performed in front of many uni students who were sunbathing on the grass and joined in with ‘Echo’ when we asked them to! :) I’ve spent numerous nights recently having picnics on the beach with my friends here in Bournemouth but this week I’m swapping one beach for another…

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