Furious Jennifer Lopez Shuts Down Gigli Set After Losing Wedding Ring

The Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez went berserk after her wedding ring came up missing on the set of ‘Gigli’, causing the diva to demand everything stop until it was found. Unfortunately it never was but an insider blasted, “Jennifer definitely deserves the title of ‘Queen of the Divas,’She went berserk when she lost the wedding ring she handed to someone while she shot a scene on Friday, January 18. She made the set a living hell.”

Jennifer Lopez Buys Abstract Painting From Scottish Artist

February 4, 2002 – The Scotsman reports Jennifer made a visit to he Sean Kelly Gallery in New York when they were closed and purchased a black and white abstract piece. The artist, Callum Innes, was blase about the purchase of his work saying, “What’s the big deal? She is a client and one of many. It’s not that important to me that Jennifer Lopez has bought up my work. I wouldn’t say that it was the best painting of my career. I’ve been more proud of other paintings.”

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