Fuse Staff Offer Praise For Tyler Hilton

The staff at Fuse’s ‘Daily Download’ were impressed with after his visit on the program earlier this month. Producer Jenny writes, “Can I just say that it’s not fair for one person to be so perfect. Tyler Hilton came to DD and I was extremely impressed. He’s tall, handsome, sweet as hell, extremely funny, oh, he also sings, writes, and plays the guitar!” VJ Dylan added, “Tyler Hilton is still just as humble and sincere as the day that I met him seven months ago. If anyone were to enjoy the success and popularity over the past six months as he’s had they might let it go to their heads, not Tyler.” The full story at fuseblog.typepad.com has since been removed.

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One thought on “Fuse Staff Offer Praise For Tyler Hilton

  1. DAWORD says:

    I think he does have charisma, but the only thing that messing him up is being on Maverick. Maverick has a bad rep on breaking male solo artists.

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