Gabriella Cilmi Upset With Miss Frank ‘X Factor’ Ouster

Gabriella Cilmi 'Lessons To Be Learned'

Gabriella Cilmi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@gabriellacilmi) on Sunday (October 25), weighing in on the latest with ‘The X Factor’ and talking about how she spent her weekend. The Australian singer songwriter tells readers:

The two banana’s should go…am I right?

Miss. Frank should have stayed the world needs a new girl group who DON’T mime!!!!!

AHHHHHHHH SOOO SILLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo today I enjoyed a nice lazy Sunday. I slept in and then slept even more because of the time change! I also did a spot of shopping at American Apparel and bought two beanies from Topshop- one BRIGHT Pink one I just love!

I also watched an Italian mafia film called “Gamorrah”. Its quite gory- especially the first scene- think blood, guts and brains. Worth the watch though if you can stomach that kind of stuff.

Now I’m gonna go buy the the new Flaming Lips record yehhhoow!

love love Gab

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2 thoughts on “Gabriella Cilmi Upset With Miss Frank ‘X Factor’ Ouster

  1. sam says:

    I hate you Gabriella Cilmi, joke :)- I fully sick love you, I talk about you all the time and how good your songs are and stuff like that. you should so MAKE NEW SONGS, everyone’s counting on you!!!
    love you Dan :)
    see you at school

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