Gareth Gates In Secret Romance With Another Idol

The Sun reports Pop Idol has gone public about her secret romance with fellow Idol Gareth Gates. Hayley was overheard telling pals over the weekend, “Gareth and I are really close but 19 Management don’t want us to be together. They are worried his fans will turn against him if he is seen as unavailable.”

Pop Idol Runner-Up Fears Popstars

11, 2002 – Gareth tells the Sun he thinks the new Popstars bands will give him a big challenge, even before they have been formed. “I think they’re going to be absolutely huge – both bands probably will be. I watched the first show on Saturday night and there is so much talent out there. I’m worried, I had better watch my back. You saw it with Pop Idol and the hype around the show certainly helped me, so I think it will be the same with this.”

Look-A-Like Getting A Lot Of Attention

August 25, 2002 – The Sunday People spoke with 19-year-old flight attendant Matthew Knights who has become an instant celebrity for looking just like Gareth Gates. The look-a-like has been getting greetings by screaming girls, some press phone numbers into his hands, and others even try to snatch a kiss. Matthew admits, “I enjoyed the attention at first, but after a while it was annoying, because I couldn’t speak to my mates without getting interrupted!”

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