Gareth Gates Secretly Marries Suzanne Mole

The People reports that ‘Pop Idol’ season one runner-up Gareth Gates has secretly wed girlfriend Suzanne Mole. “They’re over the moon,” a friend said. The 21-year-old singer met the 30-year-old dancer at an awards bash three years ago.

Gareth Gates Readies Rockin’ Makeover

January 29, 2005 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Gareth is set to release a new rocking album and a revamped image, which includes long hair and stubble. “I am re-launching in March and the sound is different, so different it could just be the hit I crave,” Gates told a spy.

Gareth Gates And Simon Cowell’s Relationship Sours

August 21, 2004 – The Mirror reports that ‘Pop Idol’ Simon admits his relationship with the show’s season one runner-up Gareth has soured because he’s not convinced Gareth should follow his desired path of putting out serious” R&B music on his next album. “I didn’t think that was right for him,” the music mogul said, “so, in future, he won’t be working so closely with me.”

Gareth Gates Won’t Seek Revenge On Jordan

July 27, 2004 – Gareth tells Sky News he won’t hit back at Jordan for revealing their affair in her book. “It’s a bit sad really that she has to use me to sell her book,” he said. “But I have nothing nasty to say about her – she was nice at the time.”

Gareth Gates Ponders Return To Classical Roots

May 14, 2004 – The Daily Star claims that according to family and friends of Gareth, he’s about to follow former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass into the world of classical music. Gareth’s family told fans: “Gareth wouldn’t be bothered even if he was released. He’d go back to his classical roots… Gareth has never stopped loving classical, and would love to play piano or sing opera.”

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