Gareth Gates Secretly Shaving His Chest

The Sun reports Pop Idol runner-up secretly has been shaving his chest. Gates is so embarrassed about his hairy chest he has opted for the smooth body look. One source said, “If you compare photographs of Gareth there is no doubt that sometimes his chest has hair and at other times it doesn’t. Maybe he’s trying to keep his youthful looks that appeal to his younger fans.”

Gets Whacked By Girl Fan

December 20, 2002 – The Sun reports Gareth was pelted by a fan’s teddy bear with her keys and home address attached during a performance on Top of the Pops. “Poor Gareth. He looked nervous enough because he was singing live,” an audience member revealed. “Then this woman, who was there with her boyfriend, threw this teddy bear with her keys attached. Goodness knows what her fella must have thought. The bundle hit Gareth right on the head. She was hoping to hijack him and take him home but he didn’t seem too impressed.” Read more.

Sunday People’s Correction On Gareth Girlfriend

December 15, 2002 – Gareth must be unleashing the lawyers as the Sunday People states: “In The People dated November 17, 2002, we published a story saying that Gareth Gates’s new girlfriend is Mandy Davis. This story was published by us in good faith. The story was provided by Chris Nathanial, who continues to be co-manager of Frenzy of which Mandy Davis is lead singer. Gareth has contacted us to point out that the story is untrue and we are happy to set the record straight.”

Has Simple Christmas Needs

December 9, 2002 – Gareth only wants socks and underwear for Christmas. Gareth admitted to the Sunday Mirror, “I’ve gone a bit mad on all of my family. The credit card has taken a hammering. For me, all I want is normal stuff – socks, underwear, aftershave, CDs.”

Gareth Gates Hit Voted ITV’s Song Of The Year

December 8, 2002 – ITV viewers last night voted Gareth’s smash hit ‘Unchained Melody’ their favorite chart buster of the year. The version of the Righteous Brothers’ classic beat ‘Evergreen’ by Gareth’s Pop Idol rival Will Young into second place with Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ third.

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