Gareth Gates’ Sister Gets Booted From ‘Pop Idol’

The People reports Nicola Gates, sister to ‘Pop Idol’ runner-up Gareth Gates, locked herself in the bathroom and cried her eyes out after she was booted off the second season of the television series. Nicola said later, “I can’t really describe how I feel. I’m disappointed but at least I got through to the final 100.”

Gareth Gates’ Open Bar Tab

2, 2003 – Gareth has revealed he leaves his credit card behind the bar so his friends can buy as much drink as they want. “I usually put my card behind the bar,” Gates tells the Glasgow Daily Record. “I don’t tell everyone, though – only my mates. But I’m not gonna tell you the biggest bar bill I’ve ever had to sign for. Let’s just say it was more than £100.”

Gareth Gates Text Messaged Jordan Break-Up

August 6, 2003 – The Scottish Daily Records reports Jordan has revealed the text message Gareth used to dump her. It read: “Kate, this relationship is goin 2 b 2 hard 4 me. It’s my 1st eva relationship and it’s just cum at the wrong time. I cudnt av sed this over the phone cos of obvious.”

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2 thoughts on “Gareth Gates’ Sister Gets Booted From ‘Pop Idol’

  1. jerica says:

    She was crap! The show’s call Pop Idol, not Crap Idol. She shouldn’t get through just because she’s Gareth Gates’s sister!

  2. dave roberts says:

    hi Nicola would you please contact me regarding a gig that you are doing in January next year thanks Nicola Dave

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