Gareth Gates Treats Family To Disney World Trip

The Sun reports Pop Idol Gareth Gates got over $1 million for his Pepsi Twist deal, and used some of that money to treat his family to their first holiday abroad. “I’m only 18 and able to treat my parents and three sisters to two weeks in Florida,” he said. “That feels brilliant. Their faces were a picture when we walked into Disney World in Orlando.” Read more.

Gareth Gates Pitching Pepsi Twist In The UK

August 20, 2002 – Ananova reports Gareth Gates has been recruited by Pepsi as part of the UK unveiling of their new Pepsi Twist soft drink. Karen Goffe, from Pepsi, said, “Pepsi was the first to launch a lemon-flavored cola in the States and the UK launch is the next step in a leading innovation program.”

Gareth Gates Receives Scare When Luggage Gets Lost

August 13, 2002 – Gareth was flying back home to Bradford from Norway for his homecoming gig when he discovered his luggage vanished. “The airline told him his suitcase had gone to another airport,” he publicist told Sneak magazine. “There was a mad panic because it contained all his outfits, including his favorite leather shirt. Luckily, his stylist sent another outfit up in the car and he managed to get ready just in time.”

Gareth Gates Homecoming Draws 15,000 Fans

August 4, 2002 – Ananova reports that around 15,000 fans turned out to welcome Gareth back to his home town of Bradford, England, where the Pop Idol runner-up performed at Centenary Square. Gareth told the audience, “Coming home to Bradford is always special as this is where my friends and family are. The support I’ve had locally means the world to me.”

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