Gary Coleman Shows Up To Michael Jackson Trial

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Well, it was quite a night. Chris Rock hosted, Beyonce sang all the songs, Morgan Freeman won an Oscar, Jamie Foxx won an Oscar. Was such a good night for African-Americans, that today said he’s thinking about being black again. So how about that? … And Best Original Score went to ‘Finding Neverland’. Boy, there’s two words you never want to hear in the same sentence — ‘score’ and ‘Neverland’. … Hey, did you see this? Gary Coleman showed up today at the Jackson trial. I think the prosecution is using him as bait. … A woman who was a dancer for Michael Jackson 14 years ago — she was on MSNBC, the cable station, to promote her new tell-all book about Michael. Yep. She said that there was never any sex between them because she wasn’t his type. [Laughter] Yeah, she’s a girl. Hello.”

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