Gary Go Very Very Saddened By Michael Jackson Death

Gary Go

Gary Go shared his thoughts following the death of earlier today on his blog at MySpace (@garygo). The British pop rock singer writes:

Very very saddened by the news of one of my biggest musical idols.
An ocean of inspiration.
I remember cutting up a white gym sock and sticking glitter to it, so I could have my own MJ glove.
I remember practicing the moonwalk.
I remember my first concert at Wembley Stadium and how MJ arrived on the stage in a rocket ship.
I remember listening to all his albums on loop.
I remember pausing the “Scream” video frame by frame, trying to figure out the steps.
I hope this day becomes MJ Memorial Day.
He transcended cultural boundaries.
His message was universal.
His songs are eternal.
He was indefinable.
The ultimate artist, up there with the very best of all time.
Thank you Michael for everything you gave to music, the world and to me.
Sad Emoticon.

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