Gavin Mikhail On ‘The Real World Sessions’ iTunes Pricing

Gavin Mikhail updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@gavinmikhail) on Monday (April 6), apologizing for the iTunes pricing in some markets for his just released new EP ‘The Real World Sessions (Volume 1)’. The Nashville based singer songwriter tells readers:

Ok… so, first off… I hope you all had a great Monday (as great as Monday’s can be… :)). Secondly, Jane in Australia was kind enough to let me know that my new EP has gone live in the Australian, New Zealand, and UK iTunes stores… priced at… $16.99, $17.99, and £7.99 respectively (for the full record)… which is nowhere NEAR as low as it’s supposed to be… Yeah. Much as I’d like to THINK my songs are worth twice the normal rate… they are… in fact… not. :)

Seriously, guys, I’d requested you get a SIGNIFICANT price break (along with the bonus PDF artwork) for buying the full album (in the US, $3.99 total), and this pricing isn’t even in the ballpark of what it’s supposed to be.

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