George Michael Chats With Radio 2

was on with Steve Wright of Radio 2 recently and talked about the controversy he created with his animated video for ‘Shoot the Dog’, which portrayed British Prime Minister Tony Blair as President Bush’s “pet”. George says, “You can’t really win, at the moment I’m getting a kicking from lots of people … I guess it’s just my turn at the moment.” Most of his scorn was directed at the Rupert Murdoch controlled New York Post, which spearheaded the attacks on the singer. Listen to the interview here.

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One thought on “George Michael Chats With Radio 2

  1. elgato says:

    Are all UK people this retarded? the New York post is a joke and doesn’t have the resources to initiate an attack on anybody. So for George Michael to suggest that shows how little he knows about the U.S.

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