‘Georgia Rule’ Director: I’d Work With Lindsay Again In A Minute

The Chicago Tribune’s Metromix spoke with ‘Georgia Rule’ director Garry Marshall, who said that he won’t turn his back on the film’s star, Lindsay Lohan, as she tries to straighten herself out at Promises rehab. “I would work with Lindsay again in a minute,” Marshall said. “But it’s not a great thing for a young actress who is out there right now. I think Lindsay has a tougher life. I just hope she gets it straightened out. She is still just a kid. I sincerely love her a lot. I just hope she can get the right support behind her.”

Former Bodyguard Reveals Crazed World Of

Lee Weaver spoke with News of the World reports about his nightmare ordeal as the bodyguard of Lindsay Lohan, recalling stories about how the rehabbing starlet attacked a gun-wielding cocaine dealer for ripping her off, snorted line after line of cocaine with Simple Life star Nicole Richie, slashed her wrists with knives, sobbing that she “didn’t belong on this planet”, and enjoying frenzied lesbian romps with scores of girls she picked up at parties. “One night I looked at her hands and wrists and noticed they had bright red wounds all over them,” Lee explained. “She tried to tell me she had fallen but when I looked her in the eyes and demanded to know the truth she just broke down. She told me, ‘I don’t belong on this planet any more’. She said she cut herself because she did not think life was worth living.” Lee also spoke of Lohan’s cat fight with Jessica Simpson and her attempt to grope Mariah Carey.

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