Geri Halliwell Gets Strung Along By Prima Donna DJ

After being dumped by Chris Evans as a sidekick on his radio show, Jamie “The Student” Broadbent is revealing all to the Sunday Mirror about Evans’ relationship with former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

“It started off with Chris deciding he wanted to shag a Spice Girl,” revealed Jamie. “He had Emma Bunton’s number, but she wasn’t up for it. That moment he heard Geri being interviewed on the radio so he drove to the station and picked her up from there. That’s how it started.” But Evans had no long-term strategy. “Geri was really into the relationship and he strung her along,” Jamie said. “With Geri he was prepared to use the relationship for the buzz of getting on the front pages.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Fit Or Bust For

June 15, 2003 – The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl has ditched a strict yoga and diet regime in favor of working out with a personal trainer. Apparently a work out in Los Angeles last week was painful for the singer after her sports-bra gave her troubles during a fast sprint. “Geri seemed in a bit of discomfort,” an onlooker remarked. “Although she was very fit and toned when she was into her yoga regime she is obviously not as advanced when it comes to running.”

Dog Day Afternoon For Ginger Spice

June 11, 2003 – Globe magazine reports former Spice Girl left in a huff at London’s posh Holmes Place gym when she arrived with her Shih Tzu Harry trying to convince a staffer to watch the dog while she worked out. The woman looked at Ginger Spice aghast and explained they don’t offer doggy daycare. A fellow clubgoer suggested she put the dog “in a locker” adding, “The key deposit is $10.” Geri then stormed out, unamused at the crack, with her pooch in tow.

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