Geri Halliwell Sorry For Posh’s Eating Problems

The Sun reports has apologized for causing her ex Spice Girl mate Victoria Beckham’s eating problems, as Posh claims in her autobiography, Learning To Fly. Geri says, “I wasn’t healthy around that time we were all living together and I feel sad that my behavior had an input on anybody else’s. I would hate to think I would inflict my eating habits on to anybody.”

Geri Causes Soldiers to Get Too Steamed Up

October 8, 2001 – During Geri Halliwell’s performance on Saturday, several soldiers had to go to the military hospital suffering from dehydration. A soldier told Sky news of the Halliwell and performance, “Many of the lads have been worried about everything that has been happening recently but tonight’s show will have really taken their minds off it.”

Geri Performs For British Troops After Demands Met

October 8, 2001 – According to peoplenews, Geri Halliwell’s performance in Oman this weekend was arranged only after military staff set her up with an air conditioned room with ridge full of soya milk. Said a military official of Geri, “We’ve had to book them in the nearest Hilton hotel.”

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