Geri To Release Best Of Album to the US, 2005 Plans Revealed

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Geri Halliwell will try for a third time as a solo artist to crack the US in 2005. Halliwell has been away since 2001 recording music and making her second flim, ‘Fat Slags.’ The last time the US saw her was in 2001 with her single, ‘It’s Raining Men,’ used on a movie soundtrack. But this time Halliwell is pulling out all of the stops. In February she will release, ‘Ryde It,’ to US radio followed by a greatest hits album in March called, ‘Look At Me: The Best of Geri Halliwell.’ Then in April Geri will come to the US to promote, ‘Fat Slags,’ her second motion picture. To coincide with that, Geri will release her DVD, ‘Geribody Yoga,’ the same month as well as her second book, ‘Geri: Just for the Record.’ In June Geri will re-release her third album in the UK with new bonus music and it will finally be released in the US in time for the start of summer.

Geri Halliwell’s Enjoying Her Curves

September 8, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell tells The Daily Mail that her love life has improved no end since she got her curves back. “When I was skinny, it was like a desert,” she said. “When I hit 30 I stopped trying to control things. I’m more accepting. I stopped trying to be perfect – that’s the big difference. It was so black or white with me. It was either full throttle or nothing. Now I realize life is a bit of both.”

The singer added, “I try not to have my self-esteem wrapped into what my body looks like. At the moment, it’s not bad. I’m grateful for it. It works, I can run, I can jump, I can play. Whether I’m as thin as a rake or round as a pudding, I have to walk in this body. I have to live in it, so I may as well appreciate it.”

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