Get Over It

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Why is EVERYONE still talking about and ? And I am not just talking about on this site. They seem to still be quite intertwined in the view of the media, the public and themselves. The autobiographies, the cheap shots at each other; what is going on? Didn’t they break up two years ago? I mean they should have moved on by now, and for a while it seemed as though they had.

Justin was seen with, rumored to be dating, and proven to be dating many, many, many girls (they may not all have actually happened, but do we remember that actress he said he had a fling with? Or the princess he was photographed with in London? Or Cameron Diaz?).

And Britney; she has had the same thing around her; Fred Durst, Jared Leto, Jason Alexander etc.
Now some of these may just be rumors, others are not. But still I thought that they had moved on…well, what they do is their business, but I doubt it helps that everyone keeps talking about it, a great example being this site!

When a story on Justin “milking” his relationship with Brit comes out the Britney fans say that Justin needs to move on and get over it.

And when there is a similar story about Britney mentioning Justin. The Justin fans say that Britney should move on and get over it. Well here is an idea: Why don’t you all realize that you share the same opinion on the relationship that was over almost TWO YEARS AGO, and Get over it!

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