Get Up On The Dance Floor!

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Throughout pop music there has always been an emphasis on DANCE. Whether its doing the moon-walk or striking a pose, today’s biggest pop stars have always highlighted their videos or performances with some killer dance moves. So who are the best dancers in pop music?

1. Michael Jackson – Back in his hey-day he was the biggest entertainer the world had ever seen, and his amazing dance routines were legendary. He brought his own style to his routines, and his dancing became one of his most celebrated talents.

2. Madonna – Madonna’s iconic pop videos show a true pop chameleon at her best! Her energetic performances have made her a favorite in the clubs, and even at the age of 47 she still manages to upstage even today’s biggest stars!

3. Britney Spears – Hot on Madonna’s heels, Britney’s infamous videos are usually accompanied with an eye-catching routine or two. And lets not forget her live performances, this girl danced with a snake round her neck!

4. Janet Jackson – Whether she got lessons from her brother of whether she shares the same talent is debatable, but this girl can dance!

5. Beyonce – An emerging superstar in the making, this girl shakes her booty like nothing else and everyone takes notice!

Madonna’s Comeback Voted Biggest Pop Story Of ’05

January 12, 2006 – Our previous poll asking what you thought was the biggest pop story of 2005 saw 42.8% say Madonna’s comeback, followed by 28.3% who said Mariah Carey’s comeback. Third on the list was Britney Spears, getting 10.4% for becoming a mother with hubby Kevin Federline, while Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s divorce got 7.6% to place fourth.

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  1. Bossy says:

    Michael and Beyonce will awlays be my fave!

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