Ghostly Image Of Michael Jackson Appears On Car Hood

A builder from Stafford looked on his car hood and saw ’s face staring back. Gary Sloggett had taken some photographs of his Rover 200, intending to submit them to a car sales magazine. “It’s quite extraordinary,” the 43-year-old said. “The obvious explanation is that it seems to be some sort of cloud formation that just happened at the time. But I’ve shown the picture to quite a few people and without prompting they all say: ‘That’s Jacko.’ To be honest I’m a bit of a skeptic and I’m not the world’s greatest Michael Jackson fan, but as soon as I saw the picture on my computer it set me thinking.” Watch a report from ITN below.

Katherine Jackson & Debbie Rowe Join Forces To Thwart Joe

July 14, 2009 – “United in fury!” is how reports describe the teaming-up of Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe, after Joe Jackson reportedly expressed interest in putting Michael’s three children to work in 2010 as a performing act called the Jackson Three. ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with reporter Chuck Henry about his conversation with Rowe, who said the mother of two of Jackson’s children was concerned about Joe being in the children’s lives like that, something she definitely doesn’t want. Video at has since been removed.

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  1. vitagirl says:

    WOW this is freaky but who knows :)

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