Giada De Laurentiis Was Shocked About John Mayer Affair Rumor

Giada De Laurentiis opened up about rumors of a romance with in a cover story for Redbook. “The John Mayer incident was completely unexpected,” the married Food Network star said. “I was shocked. And not so much for me, but for my husband and family… Todd was embarrassed that his family in Michigan would see it and think, What is going on over there in Hollywood?… What made it all even more surprising is that I haven’t had any contact with John Mayer in three years. You know how you’ll briefly get introduced to somebody? Maybe we chatted for five minutes, but I wouldn’t consider that intimate…. I think the only things that could have possibly have tied us together is that we were at the same hotel that weekend in question – which, by the way, my husband was with me there as well.”

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