Gigs & Interviews Keep Alex Roots Busy

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@alexrootsmusic) on Sunday (March 22), talking about gigs and interviews. The ‘Fake’ singer writes:

My gig on Thursday went really well @ the Notting Hill Arts Club! My microphone didn’t disconnect half way through a song like last time I performed there, so you could say it was a good night!

I had an interview for The Guardian and also Attitude Mag on Friday which was pretty cool! They shall both be out around the same time as my limited single ‘Fake’ in April so look out! Was so embarrassing because for the Guardian I had to have my photo taken, in the middle of Camden! Everyone was staring at me as they were walking past me getting photographed with my vanilla and Nutella milkshake! TOO good for words I tell you.

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