Gin Wigmore Survives Rats & Lovers’ Quarrels In America

Gin Wigmore in bed

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@ginwigmore) on Monday (February 23), talking about how she celebrated the new year because it’s been awhile since her last post, and her time in America. The New Zealand singer songwriter tells readers:

Flew back through the States. NYC for a night, got seriously lost and had a nasty rat crawl up my leg in the subway, yip subways are officially septic! I did some writing in freezing Minneapolis and dined alone each night. Yes, a bit of a loser move BUT everyone felt real sorry for me and this one bartender had me working as his guinea pig for trying out new flavors of cocktail Margaritas… How good!

Wrote some awesome tunes in LA too, I’ll be putting them on the record and you are personally guaranteed to love them. I stayed in this real ghetto joint in Santa Monica for a while, moved rooms a couple times due to a few hardcore night fights between loved ones. A true LA experience.

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