Girlicious Talk With

Girlicious members Nichole Cordova, Tiffanie Anderson, Chrystina Sayers and Natalie Mejia

dropped by in Toronto recently, where the girl group talked about loving the support they receive in Toronto and Canada overall, plans to release their debut album in Canada first, how fans will be surprised by their “very unexpected” album, going through a “boot camp” after the series ended to get their current bangin’ bodies, Robin Antin remaining an integral part of the group even after the show, how they felt they were portrayed on the show, and if they’re ever asked by relatives what “If I had a stiff one, you’d be all on that” means on their song ‘Like Me’.

Watch the 4-part interview below.

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One thought on “Girlicious Talk With

  1. Someone says:

    I really think Girlicious should re-make the smash hit
    Lady Marmalade.
    For the video, Robin & Mikey could do Missy Elliott’s part.
    Natalie will sing Lil Kim’s parts, Chrystina would sing Christina Aguilera’s parts, Tiffanie would sing Mya’s parts and Nichole could sing P!NK’s parts.

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