Girls Aloud Face Westlife In Chart Showdown

The Mirror reports are set to go up against Westlife in the UK singles chart, with the girls releasing their version of the Pointer Sisters’ 1984 hit ‘Jump’ and the veteran boy band releases ‘Mandy’ on November 17th. Louis Walsh, who manages both groups, says his money is on Westlife. “I only found out myself yesterday that they’re both releasing singles on the same day. But I think it will be Westlife who get to No 1,” Walsh said. “The girls are competition winners, that’s all they are. Now they’ve got to serve their apprenticeship to prove themselves. They’ve got to mature.”

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2 thoughts on “Girls Aloud Face Westlife In Chart Showdown

  1. Jays says:


  2. MarkFeehilyfan says:

    I totally agree. Go Westlifers! They are the best and so much better than Girls Allowed! Bring on ‘Mandy’. Oh Mandy when you came and you gave without taking, and I sent you away oh Mandy, well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking, and I need you today, oh Mandy.

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