Girls Aloud Ponder Whether U.S. Push Is Worth It

Nadine Coyle tells RWD magazine that have received offers to bring their act to the U.S., but are hestitant to start again from the bottom in a market that hasn’t treated UK pop acts well. “Labels want to sign us,” the 23-year-old said. “But we’re asking ourselves whether we really want to start off from scratch doing all the crap to work our way up again or are we happy at the level we’re at now – where we have a safe haven in the States where no-one knows who we are or what we’re doing?”

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3 thoughts on “Girls Aloud Ponder Whether U.S. Push Is Worth It

  1. Fay says:

    I hope they do not go to America x

  2. Cody says:

    BRING THEM HERE TO THE US. I LOVE Girls Aloud and want them to make themselves known here.

  3. AloudMouth says:

    As a “Yank” and GA fan, I’m against it. I don’t think a US push will bring more success for GA, unless they they “Americanize” their image. It’s the British sensibility and character that makes them appealing, and they certainly have more charisma, talent and personality than the Spice Girls ever did, not to mention longevity.

    However, they need better management and a new producer. Someone a bit older and more experienced (like Mutt Lange, Dianne Warren or David Foster) could easily rocket these girls to the top. Avoid Hip-Hop producers.

    GA need more of a contemporary/rock sound incorporated into their mix. I see GA headed toward self-parody (like PCD) if they keep playing it safe.

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