Girls Aloud Sarah Harding’s Shock Drug Confession

Girls Aloud star has sensationally confessed her secret drug habit to the News of the World. “I smoked cannabis for about two years between the ages of 16 and 18. It was the lowest point of my life,” she admitted. The singer reasoned she tried her first joint at 16 to numb the pain of her father’s affair with a 20-year-old blonde – and slid into a two-year nightmare of dope taking and hard drinking. “I started hanging around with the wrong crowd, drinking heavily just trying to block out the pain of my parents splitting up,” Harding revealed. After cleaning herself up, the singer now has a warning to her young fans, “I’ve never touched ecstasy, speed or cocaine and I just want to warn all the fans out there that drugs aren’t ‘big’ and they’re not ‘clever’. No matter what happens in your life, turning to drugs won’t help. You should talk to someone. Things are never so bad you have to do something that will harm your body.”

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One thought on “Girls Aloud Sarah Harding’s Shock Drug Confession

  1. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Oh Lord, so she smoked a little weed. Who the hell cares. As far as drug severity goes, weed is probably somewhere between cigarettes and alcohol.

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