Girls Aloud To Come To America In 2005

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It seems as if global domination Spice style is on the minds of Girls Aloud. The group’s 2005 plans will begin with a 3 month promo blitz in the US. The group will release their debut US single, ‘Wake Me Up,’ which is featured on their upcoming album, ‘What Will The Neighbors Say?.’ ‘Wake Me Up,’ has yet to be released in their native UK but it has quickly become a fan favorite. The girls will come to promote it in March, and tour talk shows and radio stations until the albums May release. The US version of, ‘What Will The Neighbors Say?,’ will be a bit different then the UK’s. This album version will be a mix of songs from their debut album, and their new one.

The album is released May 10th, and the tracklisting is below.

‘What Will The Neighbors Say?’ (US Edition)

1.Wake Me Up
2.Life Got Cold
3.White Lies
4.Big Brother
5.100 Different Ways
7.Graffiti My Soul
8.Sound of the Underground
9.I’ll Stand By You
10.No Good Advice
11.The Show
12.Here We Go
13.Love Machine
14.Some Kind of Miracle

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