Girls Aloud Won’t Split & Repeat Spice Girls Mistake

After seeing the enjoy little success after splitting up, an insider tells The People that don’t plan on making the same mistake and will stick together. “If it didn’t work for The Spice Girls, it won’t work for Girls Aloud,” the source said. “The Spices were 100 times bigger. That’s why Girls Aloud will all stay together. That’s how hard it is in the industry now.” The insider added, “Polydor is not offering any of the girls a solo deal. If they split up, they split up. They won’t be around for ever.”

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One thought on “Girls Aloud Won’t Split & Repeat Spice Girls Mistake

  1. danielle says:

    ok yes girls aloud have been around for years does not mean they are better… Spice Girls were around for like 2 or 3 years but everyone worldwide knew who they were.. girls aloud have been around for like 5 years and no one in the U.S. knows who they are… I am from the U.s. and I have know clue who they are. Spice Girls were way bigger selling 55 million CD when girls aloud have olny sold 6 million(not even close)… I was born in 96 and they started in 96 but I was a 2/3 year old who can remember them and remember listening to them…

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