Girls Can’t Catch Behind The Scenes At Glasgow’s SECC Arena

Phoebe Brown of Girls Can't Catch in the dressing roomThe latest Girls Can’t Catch webisode features exclusive behind the scenes footage on their Choices For Life Tour stop at the SECC Arena in Glasgow on May 4th. Daizy Agnew, Jess Stickley and Phoebe Brown are followed as they prepared to perform, revealed their essential item for performing on stage, read fanmail and hit the canteen for a drink before hitting the stage.

“Okay so we’re on our last show today in Glasgow, and I think we’re all feeling really, really excited for it,” Jess said. “Then we fly home after the show today and we go to Edinburgh next week. Daizy Agnew of Girls Can't Catch in the dressing roomWe’re really looking forward to it. It should be good.”

“All of us have hairspray. It’s the essential thing when you are performing on stage,” Daizy said while in the dressing room.

Before they prepared to hit the stage, Daizy said, “We are now complete with our look. I’m wearing a different outfit today. Normally I’m wearing a black and white dress, but my tights ripped, so I can’t do that. Jess is wearing black and white. We’re black and white on this tour. Jess Stickley of Girls Can't Catch backstagePhoebe is wearing her sparkly catsuit, or whatever it is. Playsuit. All of our suitcases are here as well, because we’re about to go to to Seattle straight after the gig. We’re flying about 8 times this month. It’s really not joyful. Hate it.”

The highlight reel has since been removed.

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