Girls Can’t Catch ‘Echo’ Video Behind The Scenes

Daizy Agnew of Girls Can't Catch talks about her dressGirls Can’t Catch are out with behind the scenes footage from the set of their ‘Echo’ music video. Daizy Agnew, Phoebe Brown and Jess Stickley discuss the story behind the song, the director, the choreographer, their outfits, and the process of shooting a video.

Daizy explained in regards to the song, “‘Echo’ is about when you’re in a relationship with somebody and it’s kind of gone dead, but it won’t lie down, and he just won’t talk to you. He won’t really communicate with you anymore. It’s frustrating.”

Jess Stickley of Girls Can't Catch on the set of their 'Echo' music videoJess continued, “Hopefully we portray that in our video, because the director has really been helping us come across in like not desperation, but looking to the camera and pretending that you’re singing to the guy, wanting him, and you’re trying to tell him. Hopefully it will come across that way.”

“I actually love Nick. He’s so enthusiastic. Always alive and ecstatic. Full of energy, just a really passionate guy,” Phoebe Brown said about the video’s director Nick Frew.

“This was put together by our stylist Frank,” Jess said about the girls’ wardrobe.

Phoebe Brown of Girls Can't Catch shows off her thigh high bootsPhoebe said of her outfit, “I love the style I’m in. I’m just wearing a black playsuit, velvet one. Thigh high boots, which are really hard to dance in. They’re really high.”

For her part, Daizy said, “Because the colors are silver and black for this video, they’ve put me in a dress. A bit of metallic on here and some gloves, because gloves is my thing.”

“When I was little, I used to be like, ‘Oh my god, I’d love to make a music video’,” Phoebe said about the video shoot process. “It’s every girl’s dream. It’s very fun.”

Daizy chimed in, “Having makeup, hair, like there’s a whole team of people around you. It’s just exciting all day, it’s just this big buzz.”

“I think the best thing about this video shoot is just the backdrop,” Jess said. “To have that behind us is just so cool.”

Watch it below.

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