Girls Take Spotlight At Hilary Duff Concert

Mark Bialczak of the Syracuse Post Standard was on hand for the concert at the state fair Grandstand on Saturday night. “Duff didn’t hesitate to talk to the fans, many of whom appeared to be in the 10- to 12-year-old age group or just a year or two into their teens,” Bialczak writes. “She seemed proud to introduce many of her songs, and the message each time was similar. Be yourself. Get to know yourself. It’s OK to be different and independent. The fans listened hard, and then they cheered Duff’s hits.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Girls Take Spotlight At Hilary Duff Concert

  1. astrange1 says:

    A grown man gushing about a Hilary Duff concert. One word: GAY!!!!

  2. Joshus says:

    I will say that I AM gay, and quite proud of it, also I did go to the Hilary Duff concert (when she played and the state fair in Syracuse, NY). Don’t worry I didn’t pay for tickets (won them from a radio station)……..Let me tell you, that girl lip-sang her a$$ off. I heard some little kid ask their mother “why is her mouth not moving”? SAD :(

  3. popstar says:

    lol. Exactly. I wouldn’t go to a Hilary concert unless it was free. It’s not worth’, ‘the money.

  4. astrange1 says:

    But you did take the trouble to enter the contest…’, ‘proving my point. So what I’m curious about is that a number of gay male friends of mine have become Hilary fans. Is she now some sort of gay icon? Like a far less talented lip-syncing Liza. What gives?

  5. Joshus says:

    Gay icon???? oh hellllll no, the day that girl becomes a gay icon is the day that I quit being gay!!

  6. ssl291 says:

    That prove that you didn’t go to the show. It has been a long time that’, ‘Critics and fan knows that she sings live.

  7. Joshus says:

    ummm do me a favor please,….. don’t tell me that I didn’t see a show, when I did, and I know that she did lip-sing at least 4 of the songs. And its pretty widely accepted that she DOES lip sing, even Hillary herself said that she see’s nothing wrong with lip-sings, so don’t tell me that she doesn’t, thanks!!!

  8. ssl291 says:

    She doesn’t and read the archives of critics where they say she doesn’t’, ‘Your eyes was probably full of scum from sucking little kids di** that I’m sure you didn’t saw anything.

  9. Joshus says:

    wow, that was kind of rude, but whatever. When you take off the rose colored glasses and see that maybe I was right, maybe just maybe I might get a “sorry” for that last comment.

  10. popstar says:

    ENOUGH! Hilary does lipsync. After the Ashlee/SNL stuff, Hilary–‘, ‘started lipsyncing to tracks where she had already slipped up on. Listen to live versions of Fly, you’ll see that she ALWAYS messes up on the same spots.

  11. ssl291 says:

    I won’t ever be sorry. I saw enough of her show to know’, ‘that she doesn’t lip sync. And I’ve read many critics that went to her for the only purpose to see if she was lip synching and found themselves surprised that she wasn’t.

    I’ve watched and recorded each of her performance and it is very different from one’, ‘another and from the cd.

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