Give It Up (You All)

Contributed anonymously:

I am tired of everyone saying crap about and Kevin Federline. Britney Spears is a really good mother and she does the best she can in her life. All the damn tabloids needs to leave Britney and Kevin alone. All you other people out there don’t care what she wants, is what you all want, is money, “Oh I have to get this on a magazines, news papers and so much more”. It is bullsh**. What if I get in your life and get in your damn business, tell me how does that feel?

Well Britney Spears has the right you know. It is not fair for who ever is in her damn business. They need to keep out of her life. She is a really good damn mother and she is doing really her best with her son. “Oh wait that is the point she is a bad mother that is what every damn magazines, newspapers and so much more are saying.” Forget what they say, they need a new hobby anyhow. Get a damn life and give it up you all. That is all I have to say about the whole damn world.

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