GM Place Operations Manager Disputes Britney’s Smoke Complaint

CTV has a follow-up on concert on Wednesday night at GM Place in Vancouver, talking with the venue’s operations manager Harvey Jones, who said there was nothing in the air. “It’s the first time in 15 years of our operation… we’ve never experienced this,” he said in response to the reason Spears left the stage for 30 minutes. “The air quality on the building is normally very good, no different last night than for any other typical concert.”

Some concertgoers interviewed by the station weren’t impressed with the dancer’s antics. “[It was] brutal. Worst concert I ever went to,” said one fan after the show. Another attendee added, “We were booing we felt robbed! Usually were very supportive but you’re getting paid millions of dollars to do this, so suck it up and dance.”

A report at has since been removed.

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