Goldfrapp: Finished CD ‘In Complete Contrast To The Last Album’

Goldfrapp’s Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory checked in with fans on the duo’s MySpace (@goldfrapp) on Tuesday (October 16). They write:

Hi everybody!

Howz it goin?!

Been a long time, I know, but we have finally emerged from our beavering hole in Somerset and have an album! Hooray! Feels really good to have finished it and we can’t wait for you to hear what we have been doing. It’s very different to ‘Supernature’, so it might come as a bit of a shock to some of you. We had fun making it and loved doing something that is in complete contrast to the last album, even though sometimes it took a bit of courage to steer as far away as we did on some of the tunes. It’s come from the heart and was made with love so we hope you will be into it too.

We love hearing what you’re all up to and what you’re thinking on the Goldfrapp message board so keep it coming please!

May the force be with you

x Speak soon x

Alison and Will

P.S There will be new things appearing on Goldfrapp website ( so hopefully it’s gonna look a bit more exciting than it has done recently. Thanks Alison xxx

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