Good And Bad News For Britney Spears

Sky News reports is said to be thrilled about becoming a “stepmother” after the arrival of her fiance’s second baby, though no doubt won’t be thrilled by reports ex-husband Jason Alexander has signed a book deal where he’ll reveal all about their relationship and their Las Vegas nuptials. Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Good And Bad News For Britney Spears

  1. MyOpinionMatters says:

    Who would buy a book from Jason Alexander?

  2. kellyismad says:

    Jason Alexander’s 15 minutes of fame were up a long time ago.

  3. Comics says:

    Nobody would buy that losers book. If Britney don’t say it, I don’t believe it.

  4. trluk says:

    “Oh Im so happy that the person I’m marrying just had a baby with someone else!!” what crap is she thinkin. Also no one will buy that book cos I think he is probably illiterate anyway he looks kinda stupid.

  5. CMB says:

    That book will probably be written in crayon. It will include a crosswords puzzle too. Please …

  6. GabbyJo says:

    The book will be like five pages, I mean how much does he really have to say?

  7. Cabati says:

    Ok…they already have a kid together, so technically she was already a “stepmom”. I guess that one didn’t wasn’t mentioned in any tabloids so she doesn’t care about it. What a loser, seriously. And what could Jason Alexander possibly have to say that he hasn’t said already? He’s already blabbed about what time the marriage was performed at, how much it cost, what chapel it was in, what she was wearing, how she acted during the ceremony, how much sex they had, where they had it, and how they had it. I can’t imagine he has any information that anyone could possibly give a damn about.

  8. lilla says:

    Stupid, so much for childhood friends. its really slack of him to do this but it happens all the time. He expects to make paper from this but really, it’s not going to sell well, they never do.


    He signed a gag order he can’t do that legally!! She could just turn around and sue him and get all the money he made off of her!

  10. manwithaplan94 says:

    Well on one hand can’t blame him for trying to make some money but on the other hand I doubt anyone will buy it and even if it does sell not many will believe it.

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