Granny Insists Justin Timberlake’s Got No Wee Willy

Justin Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar angrily responded to the suggestion the star’s ex made about his undersized manhood. “I helped raise him – and I can assure you there is nothing wrong with him physically,” Bomar insisted.

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11 thoughts on “Granny Insists Justin Timberlake’s Got No Wee Willy

  1. rangergirl says:

    So funny-I think too much was made from Brit’s hand gestures during the interview. Then again it may have been her(subtle) way of slighting JT & again bringing up something sexual to talk about-for example, her reference to her masturbation song. Who really knows? lol

  2. Fairycute7 says:

    I think its weird how granny Timberlake is always running her mouth (she dislikes Britney, Cameron is immature and not marriage material, Justin’s thing isn’t small). it’s his spotlight, not hers.

  3. Elperro1 says:

    I think it is so sad that Britney Spears said that she would never stoop low but yet she goes on TV and pretty much imply that Justin Timberlake have a small penis. I guess I can understand why Britney Spears is talking about Justin so much it is because she just release an album and she need to use Justin name to sale her album.

  4. JMAX says:

    First of all, that’s NOT what Britney was talking about. She never said anything about his penis. And she uses that hand gesture a lot. Second, why is his grandmother talking about her grandson’s penis?! Third, this sh-t came from The Sun.

  5. MegoLego says:

    I am a huge fan of his but I just think there is something wrong with his grandma saying that… it’s just sick THAT’S HIS GRANDMA FOR GOD SAKES

  6. babet says:

    Britney must really want him back. too bad Britney….we all know how much you want to bang him, but Justin found someone better.

  7. Comics says:

    How does Britney know… Granny needs to stop. Ok what I want to say is,how can Britney say he got a small penis, if he’s the only person she ever slept with. Second all his grandma does is gossip, she will never stop, on and on and on. She needs to stop.

  8. XTremeKaos says:

    What is wrong with this woman? That is disgusting, you don’t sit and gossip about your grandson’s body like that. That family has some problems, maybe this is why Justin is so…

  9. music_vibe says:

    One of the worst things in the world would be having my grandmother as my publicist…………. Granny needs to close her mouth and give her grandson some privacy. We don’t need to know his size and whatnot.

  10. SpiceSquirrel says:

    People, people, people – this is not the first report we’ve had about Justin’s small dick. Remember the story that was run a few months ago on Popdirt? Someone was backstage at a Justin Timberlake concert and saw him naked as he was changing. They said he was 5 inches soft, at best. From what others have said, the 5-inch estimate was a very generous one on the part of the observer. The average male penis size is six inches. Thus, Justin is smaller than average. At best. At worse (if other reports are to be believed) he is way below average. My guess is (and I’m only guessing here) Britney was sexually unsatisfied by Justin’s teenie weenie. Desperate (and in heat), she sought satisfaction in the arms (and presumably, larger organs), of other men. Justin found out that she cheated on him and ended their relationship.

  11. PopDiva says:

    Hell, there’s obviously nothing wrong with him. Otherwise I think Diaz would have hit the road by now. And of course B.S. would hit him where it hurts, the same place all men hurt, in the pants.

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