Greyson Chance Laughs Off ‘Paparazzi’ Label Plant Conspiracy

While he was in the studio finishing up debut album ‘Hold On Til The Night’, did a quick interview with Best Buy for their in-store network. spoke with Greyson to find out how the 13-year-old learned to play the piano and his thoughts on his YouTube success.

“I got on YouTube and I saw this guy he was saying how it was totally planned,” Chance said about one of the reactions to his ‘Paparazzi’ cover on YouTube, which has received over 42 million views. “That the record label planned it. It was this whole thing, ‘The sound quality is a little bit too good for an amateur filmmaker.’ My dad was sitting in the back with this big smile on his face going, ‘I did a good job, man’.”

‘Hold On Til The Night’ debuted last week at #2 on the iTunes chart, and features singles ‘Unfriend You’ and ‘Waiting Outside the Lines’. Visit to get the latest updates about his remaining summer tour dates.

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