Greyson Chance Twitter Q&A

Greyson Chance

took time from his busy schedule to answer several questions posed to him by his Twitter followers (@greysonchance) on Sunday (July 3). The 13-year-old pop singer was asked about his debut album ‘Hold On Til The Night’, his summer tour, the fans, tour mate Cody Simpson, and the music video for his new single ‘Unfriend You’.

ZarahChance: @greysonchance : what is ur favorite song on Hold On Til The Night? and why? #GreysonAugust2 :]
Greyson: My favorite song from HOTTN would probably be, Cheyenne. It is a little more soulful, and Cheyenne has a awesome chorus(:

AlyssaChance143: #GreysonAugust2 @greysonchance where did you get most of the inspiration for #HoldOnTilTheNight from?
Greyson: Most of the inspiration comes from heartbreak, happiness some times anger, and love from all of my fans! My fans inspire me

GreysonsDarling: @greysonchance Did your siblings take part in the making? #GreysonAugust2 .
Greyson: They were never with me in the studio, but I was inspired when I missed them and missed home. I love them(:

Jac_simpsonizer: #GreysonAugust2 will you be singing your new songs at your shows this summer? @greysonchance
Greyson: I will be doing some new songs from the album on the tour(: I am so excited for people to hear them!

HannahChance97: @greysonchance on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love your fans?(: #GreysonAugust2 ?
Greyson: On a scale from 1-10? 1000000000000000000000000! As many zeros I can put(: Love you all so much…

cali_gurl_swag: #GreysonAugust2 whats your fave. part about meeting fans?<3 Greyson: I love seeing how they are inspired by the music I create! It makes it so much more meaningful. I also love their gifts(: JonasSimpsonn: @greysonchance #greysonaugust2 what is your friendship like with Cody Simpson? Greyson: Cody is a great friend! I had so much fun touring with him. We are always texting each other. He is a great guy! WorldofSimpson: #GreysonAugust2 @greysonchance how was it like working with @ArianaGrande in the #UnFriendYouVideo ?:) Greyson: Doing the video with Ariana was great! She is so sweet. We had a lot of fun on set! Haley4414: @greysonchance #GreysonAugust2 what song are you most excited for your fans to hear? Greyson: I am excited for them to hear the title song. It took a lot for me to write it, and I hope it helps them gain confidence! Greyson: Thank you guys so much for sending in all your questions(: I cannot wait for August 2nd. Time to get on stage!!

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2 thoughts on “Greyson Chance Twitter Q&A

  1. pinksqrl says:

    All the way through I was like, swagger jacking … why does the base line, the theme, the style seem so familiar? Then it hit me this could be part 1A to Gwen Stefani ‘Hollaback Girl’. Well, at least she’s not a hater but um, she did jack some of Gwen’s swagger.

  2. zharfa abel says:

    i like it..
    <3 <3 <3

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