Groupie Blasts Taylor Hanson “Shotgun Marriage”

Following the surprise wedding between Taylor and his girlfriend Natalie in Georgia, groupies are unleashing their claws on the situation that led the couple to the aisle. Yvette writes on the message boards, “Island Records got the release from the family that quoted Taylor as saying ‘The wedding was just as we envisioned it, we were surrounded by our families and friends.’ Anyone who knows Taylor knows that is the BIGGEST FRICKIN’ LIE ON EARTH! For one, MANY of Taylor’s close friends were NOT invited. Why not? NONE OF THEM CAN STAND NATALIE! Would you invite a lynch mob to your wedding?! Plus, do any of you really think Taylor’s ideal wedding was to be a shotgun style, with no announcement because he (possibly) knocked up a dirty bi*ch like Natalie who is ruthless and underhanded enough to go to his parents and announce her pregnancy before going to Taylor himself?!”

The thread at has since been removed.

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