Guess Who Will Be Checking Into A Mental Institute?

Contributed by glammabella:

Personally, I think it’s fine for people on the boards to argue over artists. Not everyone is going to like the same person and so they will argue over who’s best by bringing up whatever points they think matter the most.

But I don’t think it’s fine when people suggest that artists should kill themselves. A movie bombs at the theatre and they should kill themselves? An actor cheats on his girlfriend and she should kill herself?

Or what about the comments people made to the topic about giving Jen and Ben a wedding present. One person said they would give Jennifer a rope for her neck. Another person said they would give the couple guns to shoot themselves.

Suicide is a very serious topic yet some of the people on this board think it’s funny. You want people to end their lives because you don’t like who they are as a person? That’s stupid.

I’m sure many of you wouldn’t want people wishing suicide upon yourselves so why would you want to do it to someone else?

I like Christina but that doesn’t mean I want Britney to slit her wrists. I like Justin Timberlake but that doesn’t mean I want to overdose on pills.

All I’m asking is that people get a hold of themselves and the comments they make. They may seem funny to you, but truthfully, they are disgusting and only make you look like a sick, psychotic fool prime for a stay at a mental institution.

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14 thoughts on “Guess Who Will Be Checking Into A Mental Institute?

  1. brizzitney says:

    I agree with you. Foxyboy/Eldogg, that means stop telling us how you want Christina to die. I don’t like some celebs or their choices, but I don’t wish for them to die. I hope that they make better decisions or that they are alright, not that they die or rot in hell. I don’t like Britney Spears that much, but I don’t wish that she was dead. Do I wish that she wouldn’t be a hypocrite and lie all the time? Yes, but for her to have her life ended? NO!

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Um, I think Britney deserves to die? LONG LIVE AGUILERA!’

  3. Izzy says:

    Glammabella, you need to get with the program. This is almost an exact re-cap of ‘Sunnylou’s” plea a few months back. You cannot change people or their habits. Bottom line: If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. You’re pissing in the wind if you think you can some how reform the posters at this site.

  4. SJ says:

    I hope J.Lo slit her wrists….lol!

  5. ChicaXO says:

    Man, you people are *****ED up!! It’s sad! You can’t read a post like this one, & be a bit ‘open~minded’?? What a wonderful future this world has with people like YOU in it!! For everyone’s sake, I hope the end of the world comes before you people start having *****ed up children that are as closed~minded as you!! Yes, I’m saying I’d rather be dead than live in a world, & raise my future children with people like you that are filled with SO much hate, bitterness, & animosity!! You all have a LOT to learn!! You OBVIOUSLY have problems with yourselves INSIDE! *You’d think something like Sept.11th would make people REALIZE that all the HATE in this world is DESTROYING the Earth, LITERALLY!! but NOPE! ~It’s a SAD, SAD world we all live in.. & it’s NO help from YOU people!!! It’s absolutely HORRIBLE!!~ *DO NOT EVER HAVE CHILDREN!! For, they will be JUST as *****ed up as YOU!

  6. kitten says:

    II totally agree w/u!!! Christina’s the ***** and Brit’s a stupid whore…

  7. britneysbaby2002 says:

    AMEN to that! Good lord I am so agreeing with you it’s wild! But you know, some people are just too close-minded, childish, and will never grow up, and see the suicide and wishing death on others etc, is a serious issue… But WOAH ChicaXO you took the words outta my mouth! Well put, and hopefully some of them will see… I guess we can only hope.

  8. nick_carters_girl says:

    I agree with glammabella.. suicide is a really serious topic and it isn’t funny.. Someone said b4..that if she can’t stand the heat, to get out of the kitchen… But look, she said that your comments are disgusting and only make you look like a psychotic fool..which it kinda does.. I also agree with her..that since she likes Christina..she doesn’t want Brit to slit her wrists..and I do respect that she likes Justin but doesn’t want Nick to overdose on pills..but one question..why wouldn’t she like nick?..why wouldn’t anyone like nick?.. really..there’s nothing about him not to love..hehehehe.. now, I mean..I absolutely adore Nick..but its “not” like I want Justin to jump off a cliff or anything…hehehehehe just kidding.

  9. klo says:

    stupid people write stupid comments. Most of them are probably under the age of 14 or just really immature and jealous of famous people they will never ever be able to compete with. I’m sure they wouldn’t want people telling them to slit their wrists. But than again all they think about is themselves. I just hope that one day they get what they try to dish out.

  10. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I actually thought that Britney was gonna be the one checking in. I just thought she finally look in the mirror at her fake ugly-as-hell expressions. and then realized…i have no talent what so ever! then she went crazy! damn!

  11. -SunnyLou- says:

    And the point of singling me out would be what? I think you need to “get with the program”, as there have been about 40 other “pleas” since my own… Go back and check it out before singling ME out. ‘Kay?

  12. elissawynn2003 says:

    Suicide is a very serious thing. It shouldn’t be joked about. Everyone likes different artists, but, it doesn’t mean, that the people that you don’t like aren’t any less talented than the people you do like. They have to be even just a little bit to be a prolific artist/actor/actress. They are people as well, and even though you may not like them they still deserve respect. Nobody should wish for someone to die, even though you may hate them really bad, someone in the world loves them.

  13. RoxyQuik says:

    I totally agree. I mean I think we’re all guilty of calling people who we don’t like but even if I really hated someone I wouldn’t wish them dead. As far as pop stars go how can we say we wish them dead we don’t even know them and we never will. I’m definitely not perfect but I think we need to think before we speak on some issues. However I think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion

  14. CanineKelley says:

    I have to agree with Glammabella as well. It is way to serious of a topic. I have a best friend who has tried to commit suicide several times and I have gotten very depressed over the possibility of losing her. I also had a great uncle who’s death was ruled accidental suicide. Don’t go playing around with this stuff!!! My own mother tried to slit her wrists when she was young. Her parents were divorced and her mom was having to work all the time to support 3 kids. All my mother wanted was some attention but it could have killed her!!! I would not be here if she had died from it!!! So you all should think about what you are saying BEFORE you post it. This is NOT something to joke about! EVER! It hurts people.

    Oh and another fact about my great uncle’s death…Just 2 weeks before he was shot, he and my cousin got into a fight and my cousin said he wished that my uncle were dead. And it happened. You have NO idea how hard that is to deal with. He was the only family my Mama had left. All of her other siblings don’t want anything to do with her. And not only was she very close to him, so was I. He died Sept. 12, 2002. Just a little over a month after a childhood friend of mine was killed in a head on collision. Ryan was only 17 year old! I already had 1 death do deal with. Plus several others. Up to date I now have 36 people on a list of deaths. These are people I knew or knew of in the last 10 1/2 or 11 years. Five of these people have died within the last year alone! It’s very hard to cope with this.

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