Gunnar Peterson Talks About Training Jennifer Lopez

Star magazine chatted with Gunnar Peterson about his two most famous clients, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Basinger. “With Jen, we’ll do a 60 to 90 minute workout on average 4 to 5 days a week,” he said. “Exercise doesn’t have to be foreboding. They come in happy, they laugh, we get it done.”

Tensions High After ‘Tough Love’ Screening

April 2, 2003 – The New York Post reports that according to sources, the producer and director of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s upcoming ‘Tough Love’ (formerly ‘Gigli’) got into a shouting match after a test screening for the picture left the audience unhappy. “[Producer] Joe Roth and [director] Marty Brest got into a huge fight,” a spy snitched. “Marty said, ‘See, we did it your way, we did your Hollywood ending, and people hated it!'” Roth “basically” responded, ‘Fu** you!'” The fighting pair were broken up by Affleck, who along with J.Lo had heard the scream-fest.

Jennifer Lopez On ‘Good Morning America’

April 1, 2003 – ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ went behind the scenes as Jennifer shot her new video, ‘I’m Glad.’ It’s a tribute to one of Jennifer’s favorite Hollywood stories. But there’s another reason Jennifer spent 14 grueling hours a day on this project – fiance Ben Affleck. She says, “Ben played it while he proposed because he knew I had written it with him in mind.”

Is The Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Film A Time Bomb?

April 1, 2003 – A reviewer on Ain’ calls the new Jennifer and Ben film ‘Gigli’, renamed ‘Tough Love’, “unreleasable” and says the engaged couple are shoo-ins for the Razzie Awards for worst actors. “And the dialog!” notes AICN. “‘Tough Love’ has some of the most truly god-awful dialog ever heard on screen.” An insider tells Jeannette Walls of that “they’re trying to get it into shape.”

Jennifer Lopez Is Obsessed With Jackie Onassis

March 31, 2003 – The Daily Mail reports Jennifer is obsessed with Jackie Onassis. She says she feels she has so much in common with the ’60s fashion and style icon. Her Oscar dress was a copy of one of Jackie’s and J.Lo believes the two are linked in the most important way. “We’re both Leos,” she said.

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