GusGus Putting A Final Touch On ’24/7′

posted their February 2009 newsletter on their blog at MySpace (@gusgus) on Sunday (February 15). The Reykjavík, Iceland electronic act tell readers:

Today’s project is the next studio album, their sixth one. This album has been given the professional name of “24/7”, a name very typical for GusGus. is, of course, the multimedia band, an audio-visual collective that you could often describe as being a triheaded animal. Some times they remind you of an animal from a different planet or from an adventure tale, and sometimes they are like a gigantic whale that scientists follow to previously unknown, munificent fishing grounds.

is putting a final touch on “24/7” Therefore, only a selected few have had the opportunity to listen. But among the lucky ones are record labels, international companies that have shown their pleasure, enthusiasm and even reverence for the A-100, the animal, and the whale!

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