Guy Chambers Frank About Robbie Williams Split

Guy Chambers tells Radio 4 he and Robbie Williams fell out after the singer became obsessed with money. “There were a few reasons we fell out. We had been together for six years, we even went on holiday together,” he explained. “I think we got sick of each other’s faces. But mainly he was about to sign this massive deal and the money had become so important to him. It definitely spoiled things. The deal became ridiculously huge and it became more about that than the album we were making at that time. I loved working with Robbie because he was so talented. We are not friends now and our parting was very acrimonious.”

Robbie’s Sleeping Partner

June 21, 2004 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams is so terrified of being alone that he insists on having a minder sleep at the bottom of his bed every night. “Rob just can’t seem to stop feeling so down,” a friend revealed. “He won’t sleep in a room unless there is security there, so some poor chap has to kip on the sofa at the end of his bed.” The source added, “Deep down he is unhappy and insecure. Everyone wants him to pull through. It can’t go on like this for much longer.”

Robbie Lunches With Pals In West Hollywood

June 20, 2004 – Mavrix reports Robbie Williams lunched in West Hollywood, California with some friends on Wednesday (June 16) and was spotted guzzling from a wine glass. But don’t worry, the now rehabilitated singer was only drinking water.

Kelly Rowland Teams With Robbie

June 19, 2004 – Sky News reports Robbie Williams has written a song for Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland for her next solo album. Rowland gushed, “He is a genius at songwriting and I would love to work and perform with him any day.”

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